Possum Dreams
Cruise Maze

[character: Female perspective, main character. Wearing a pink, striped bikini, a colorful skirt of a thin cotton and a heavy, hunter green cloak. no shoes.]

[Female is walking around a massive, lybrynith-like cruise ship, trying to find her room. she is lost, so she walks slowly, looking for any sign that gives direction.]

[the first area she is in is very wide and open to a huge sky-light, near a convention room. everyone around her is dressed up like they are from the renaissance or a video game. many of them are dressed as Link from LoZ. they all walk in the opposite direction as her. as she leaves this area, she drops her cloak.]

[as she walks farther from the convention, the walk way narrows, but is still wide. the skylight is gone, she is now in a hallway of sorts. she takes turns when she finds them, trying to find someone she recognizes.]

[as she walks, memories are shown in flashback: she was supposed to be in an apartment with her male friend but he started a verbal fight with her and told her to go stay with his twin brother. he hates the girl and his twin has been in love with her since childhood.]

[in the maze, she takes turns that lead to room after room. some of these she can back out of and turn another corner, some of them she has to go back to the main hall, as they’re dead ends. some of the rooms are pools, some are bars or lounges, and a few are chapels. some rooms contain funeral services. all the rooms feature very loud, genre appropriate music.

curiously, all of the funerals she encounters have a party room just around the corner, and only one or two mourners.]

[finally she reaches a deserted lounge that has a large, black man serving drinks at a sky-light bar, and the twin sitting at the bar, wearing a smart, casual suit. there is a narrow pool against the wall of the long room, and a gentle water slide that leaves the room. this is his private lounge, she realizes. she’s found him.]

[the brother recognizes her immediately. even though they haven’t seen each other in years, he doesn’t say anything. he smiles coyly and sips his drink. she looks at him passively, making eye contact as she walks into the pool, skirt on. the water is waist high. she sinks into the water, pushing off the wall to reach the other side, now ignoring the man. her skirt trails behind in the water.]

[he removes his jacket and shoes while she floats on her back, and eases himself into the pool, near her. he has a crooked, wolfish grin. his face shows he is clearly aroused by her.

she stands and says, “I’ve been walking for hours.”

he responds, “I love the sound of your voice,” voice hushed but confident. 

"Oh?" she chuckles? her voice is deep for a woman’s, but still female. 

he pulls her close and she lets him.]

[I wake up. The end.]

Alien Planet

[scene: pans and closeups of a space ship setting. metals are dark, lights are low. strip lights run along the edges of the grated flooring.]

[scene: circle pan of the suspended animation sleep room. 10 upright modules are against the wall of the round room, a cylindrical control panel is in the center. half of the the modules are not activated and are dark. the rest of the modules are light up but fogged over, except for two, which are open and empty.]

[scene: control room. Man discusses dire matters with Genderless with hushed, urgent tones] 

[gleaned information: while everyone slept, a highly dangerous non-human Enemy has boarded the ship. the Enemy is not of a solid substance, but more of a gas-like being that can imitate the molecular state of creatures it contacts physically. the Enemy is hiding somewhere in the ship until it can figure out how to unlock the sleep chambers and then eat the occupants.]

[the only hope for survival is to crash land the ship on the nearest planet (which is a charted “shelter planet,”) get to the shelter and call for help]

[Man works at quietly setting the ship to auto-land while Genderless moves cautiously to the sleep room.]

[in the sleep room: Genderless pries open the modules, instead of deactivating and therefore waking up the occupants. the first two contain very small, chinchilla-like alien creatures, each sleeping on a shelf in the units. Genderless, folds a blanket from one module and places it and the creatures into a backpack, and gently slings it on. the third module houses a leathery skinned, short alien with long arms. 

Genderless holds the alien to his/her chest and pats it cheek, waking it up enough to say, “Hold on to me.” the alien wraps it’s limbs around Genderless and falls asleep again.]

[time passes, the ship has landed on the nearest open ground it can fit. this is unfortunately not very close to the shelter.]

[scene: there is a worn, dirt path, that leads to the shelter. the path is wide enough for three humans to stand shoulder-to-shoulder. on the right side of the path is a thick, alien forest of vivid greens. the trees look almost earth-like, but there is something off about them. on the left side of the path is an endless expanse of calm, pale-teal water. there are no clouds, but the entire sky looks like an earth sunset of pinks, blues and purples.

there is no noise or movement, save for any made by Man and Genderless’s boots in the dirt.]

[Man leads the party down the path, two large, heavy swords gripped in his hands, knuckles white and ready for attack.

Genderless still carries the backpack and the alien clutched to his/her chest. one hand is supporting the short one’s bottom, the other carries a sword similar to Man’s, but smaller.]

[Man and Genderless move down the path quickly, but extremely aware of their surroundings, looking everywhere. They are about half way there when Man notices a V-shaped ripple move across the water beside them. 

Man whispers Genderless’s name and they both drop to their haunches, backs angled together, facing the water. Man adjusts his grip on his swords, and quiety clears his throat.

"When whatever’s in there jumps out, I want you to run," he murmurs, eyes never leaving the water. more v-ripples are appearing, something clearly moving beneath the opaque surface.  

"Okay," affirms Genderless, shifting his/her stance, getting ready to flee. 

the water begins to jump lightly, as if it’s vibrating—]

[I wake up. The End.]